Vegas win projections for FSU and thier opponents in 2023

As we continue to edge closer to the beginning of college football season, one of the fun topics to look at is the projected win totals coming out of Las Vegas.  Of course, no one knows exactly how the season will play out, but with a lot of money on the line when it comes to sports betting, it literally pays for these projections to be as accurate as possible. After all, the professionals in Vegas aren’t in the business of losing money.

Let’s go through the win projections for FSU, their 2023 opponents as well as a few more interesting finds. Nationally speaking, the defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs, come into 2023 with the highest total win projection at 11.5 games. 

The full top 5 are as follows,

1) Georgia: 11.5 wins

2) Alabama: 10.5 wins

3) Michigan: 10.5 wins

4) Ohio State: 10.5 wins

5) Florida State: 10 wins

As you can see, FSU is sitting top 5 in projected wins this season. They are 1 of only 5 teams with a double-digit win projection and have the highest number of projected wins in the ACC leading Clemson by half a game.

Here are the 2023 projected win totals for Florida State’s opponents according to Vegas Insider.

  • LSU: 9.5
  • Southern Miss: 5
  • Boston College: 5.5
  • Clemson: 9.5
  • VT: 5
  • Syracuse: 6.5
  • WF: 6
  • Pitt: 6.5
  • Miami: 7.5
  • N. Alabama: N/A
  • Florida: 5.5


Additional ACC win projections

  • UNC: 8.5
  • NCST: 6.5
  • UVA: 3.5
  • UL: 8
  • GT: 4.5


If these projections do turn out to be correct, there is a whole lot of average on the horizon for the majority of these teams in 2023. It also highlights that LSU and Clemson remain the toughest games on the schedule by a sizeable margin.

However, the odds makers in Vegas seem to share the feeling that Florida State could have a special season in 2023, but only time will tell. Thanks for reading and Go Noles! 

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