FSU Football Spring Camp Breakdown Ft. FSU great Nile Lawrence-Stample

We are excited to be joined by FSU great and 2013 National Champion, Nile Lawrence-Stample for a special episode where we break down spring camp! In this episode, we go over what spring camp means from a player’s and team’s perspectives. We discuss how spring can set a team like FSU up for a championship […]

What NEEDS to happen for FSU to make the playoffs? + BIG vs SEC Pt. 2

In this episode, we revisit the hot topic from our last show about FSU joining the SEC vs. the Big Ten. Then, we play a game of WANT vs. NEED, discussing a few topics that need to happen for FSU to make the playoffs vs. things we just want to see. We also provide updates […]

Where does FSU belong in realignment? The Big Ten or SEC?

A recent debate led us to ask, “Where does FSU belong in realignment?” Is it the Big Ten or the SEC? We dive into each conference and why it could work for FSU, what we WANT as fans, and what we think is BEST for FSU. We asked the fans and got almost 2,000 replies! […]

FSU Football: Spring camp kicks off! Clemson SUES the ACC & Unbeaten Baseball

FSU’s spring football camp kicked off this week and we share our initial thoughts and observations, takeaways from coach and player press conferences, and react to the spring GAINS made by FSU players. First, we open with the MASSIVE news that Clemson has joined FSU in filing a lawsuit against the ACC! We close with […]

FSU Football 2024 Spring Preview! Here’s what we’re watching for…

FSU football is only a few days from kicking off spring practice and this will be our first look at the 2024 Seminoles in pads. In this episode, we preview some of the burning topics going into spring that we’re closely monitoring. Can Norvell unlock DJU? Will all this potential equal production? And 5 position […]

FSU Football: 14 Team Playoffs?? + Baseball’s Hot Start!

No sooner than the CFP expanded to 12 teams, a 14-team playoff now seems imminent. We break down the new proposed format, unequal revenue splits, and what it means for FSU’s future in conference realignment. First, we open with baseball’s hot start after dropping the Gators, softball searching for its groove, and basketball advancing in […]

FSU Football: What we learned from Tour of Duty

FSU Football just wrapped up their intense Tour of Duty workouts. This marks the last stop before spring and gives us our first look at the newest additions to the 2024 roster. We share our thoughts and observations on the new-look Noles in this episode. Thanks and Go Noles!! – Thanks to Alumni Hall FSU […]

FSU took the Combine by Storm(s) + Spring Showcase Announced!!

FSU stole the show at the 2024 NFL Combine! We start by tipping our cap to Coach Storms and the S&C staff. Then, we discuss how all eyes being on the Noles’ NFL prospects will pay dividends. But first, we kick off the episode with FSU’s announcement of the 2024 Spring Showcase. Thanks and Go […]