Something to Prove: Only One Seminole makes the On3 Top 100 players for 2024

Florida State had a lot of star power coming into the 2023 season with names like Jordan Travis, Jared Verse, and Keon Coleman. Even though there may not be the same amount of star power for 2024, technically, it’s a more talented roster on paper. There are plenty of names that FSU faithful are excited to see suit up in Garnet and Gold. However, it’s apparent that college football media giant On3 doesn’t quite feel the same way.

With the season closing in at less than 100 days until kickoff, On3 has released its annual Top 100 players for the upcoming season. Florida State only had one player make the list with Patrick Payton coming in at 66th. No Marvin Jones Jr. No Darrell Jackson. No Azareye’h Thomas. Not even Malik Benson who made the list last year. I highly doubt the players actually pay attention to these rankings, but if they did, it would likely serve as some fuel to the fire for a team that already has something to prove.

This is quite a change from last season when Florida State had 5 players make the list with 3 in the top 50 and that didn’t even include Keon Coleman who hadn’t signed with the Noles yet. To be fair, this is only the opinion of someone at On3, but either way, it seems the staffer who created the list is not exactly a believer in what FSU has to offer this season.

At the same time, when we consider a few other factors, this speaks to either 1) the coaching job that Mike Norvell and his staff are capable of. Or 2) the Noles may not have a lot of  “star” power, but they are talented across the board. How did I come to this conclusion? Well, take Miami and North Carolina for example. Each team has 4 players who made the top 100. Yet, they have worse odds of winning the ACC and are ranked well below FSU in the post-spring power rankings that were just released by ESPN.

In their defense, many of the players we are excited about for 2024 are somewhat unproven. However, given the level of talent they have acquired, and the track record of what FSU has done with player development I would have expected a few more names to make the list. Nonetheless, I suspect that by year’s end, we’ll see a handful of Seminoles emerge that should have been featured in the Top 100. After all, looking back at last year, they didn’t have Keon Coleman or Braden Fiske listed and it’s pretty easy to see that they were two of the top 100 players in college football!

Mike Norvell has repeatedly said that this team doesn’t need any extra motivation, so the names, or lack thereof, are probably irrelevant. Even though we feel the Noles have a few more guys who deserve to be on the list, we also love a good underdog story and can’t wait to see the future stars suit up in Garnet and Gold. You can see the full list here. Thanks for reading and Go Noles

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